Allyn River Permaculture

Permaculture demonstration farm in the Hunter Valley, NSW, Australia

Permaculture is a design system and philosophy that emulates the patterns in nature to holistically and sustainably integrate the physical and social needs of people and the ecosystem.

permaculture planning

Permaculture consultancy

Allyn River Permaculture offers a design consultancy service for clients wanting to put permaculture principles into action on their land.

The services offered extend from quick site inspection and assessment that is appropriate for:

* Pre purchasing a property and would like advice on potential permaculture development..

* An existing property that you want to improve it, but you are not sure where to start.

Through to detail site planning and documentation as required for construction, we can also provide on site assistancet during the implementation phase.

The initial site visit would include a site walk, inspectiont of aerial photographs and site and contour plans, assessment of your brief and  aspirations. Then discussions and preparation of a initial sketch plan illustrating the land features and our initial concepts incorporate permaculture principles relating to your requirements.

Planning would specifically include issues of access, house, shed and service locations (if required), water harvesting, the location “zone planning” for vegetable production, orchard, animal systems and forestry.

Permaculture site planning is a wholistic design process that can be applied to all properties whether small urban gardens or large commercial rural properties.

All design projects are individual, there is no formula solution, therefore prior to any consultation it is critical for the designer to have a complete understanding of the natural systems  in place on a property.

We would be pleased to discuss your specific requirements. Please contact us at for further information.