Allyn River Permaculture

Permaculture demonstration farm in the Hunter Valley, NSW, Australia

Permaculture is a design system and philosophy that emulates the patterns in nature to holistically and sustainably integrate the physical and social needs of people and the ecosystem.

Climate Change ???????

We have just survived the hottest three days on record February  10, 11 & 12 were 42.5C, 45C and 45.6C respectivly. In the first 6 weeks of 2017 we have endured 11 days over 40C, that must be a record.

Unfortunately with no rain is making a very uncomfortable Summer. The paddocks have devastating crunch and all our dams are down to the dregs.

We have managed to save most of our perennial plants although many looking severely burnt , however most of our annual vegetables have met an early end to the season, we are looking forward to an end to the heat ? before doing a complete replant.

If this is going to become the norm then many of our garden areas will have to have a shade cloth covering, I am investigating options to have removable covers to the growing tunnels.

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