Allyn River Permaculture

Permaculture demonstration farm in the Hunter Valley, NSW, Australia

Permaculture is a design system and philosophy that emulates the patterns in nature to holistically and sustainably integrate the physical and social needs of people and the ecosystem.

2017 “a very good year”

2016 is over. We reflect on many good things that happened over the year, including our very successful association with Brett & Nici Cooper of Limestone Permaculture, we believe our workshop programme was a great success. Unfortunately Brett wants to move in a different direction so we will not be offering the workshops in 2017. However watch this space as we may have a new venture to offer.

Peter will be Co-teaching with Penny Pyett of the Permaculture Sydney Institute offering a range of workshops and in particular the Permaculture Design Certificate also with April Sampson -Kelly from Permaculture Vision. We will offer a modular PDC taught by three very experienced practitioners, Peter and Penny are also Permaculture Institute registered PDC teachers.

2016 has also been a difficult year in the Allyn River valley with the rainfall of 920mm being the driest year since we moved here in 2005. It sound crazy as it was the wettest year for most of NSW. It was also the hottest on record, winter was very mild with no real frosts this year.

Our rainfall pattern was unusual with 327mm in January the remainder fairly spread over the whole year, this has kept the pasture green, so could be called a green drought with no run off at all for 11 months. We are keeping our fingers crossed that we will have good rain in January however, so far it doesnt look good.

Our house renovations are progressing well, with each step bringing the “old stone cottage” into 2017.

So we are looking forward to an exciting year, the farm is always open if you would like to visit and we are always happy to have Wwoofer or Permaculture volunteers, good beds and great food ( and possibly wine). Interested ! please give us a call.



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