Allyn River Permaculture

Permaculture demonstration farm in the Hunter Valley, NSW, Australia

Permaculture is a design system and philosophy that emulates the patterns in nature to holistically and sustainably integrate the physical and social needs of people and the ecosystem.

Woofing at Allyn River Permaculture

Hi, this is Michael from France.

 I spent around 3 months in the beautiful Hunter Valley region where Allyn River Permaculture resides. I had the best time and real pleasure learning and living on the farm with Peter, so much so that 3 months just went by this fast before I even noticed. 

 Peter is an awesome and knowledgeable permaculture teacher apart from having been a very successful architect for many years. He has a really interesting library of books on farming and plants and more and he cooks delicious food everyday; he is also very generous to share nice wine with me. As a definite bonus, the room I stayed in was very nice, clean and cosy.  

 We had great conversations about everything! If you have questions about forestry, Permaculture design, Architecture and others, Peter will always be happy to help. Peter is an experienced Permaculture teacher and has been teaching for many years. At the end of my stay there,I got the chance to see him teaching a group of students on the farm, which was really empowering. He also runs various workshops with his friend Brett, who owns the Limestone Permaculture. Peter will be more than happy to drive you there to visit this farm where you can see how this small farm operates. 

 I have to leave this little paradise now for personal reasons and I do feel a bit emotional; I had great memories there and I know I will be back. I really recommend anybody who would like experience on a Permaculture farm to send an Email to Peter. There is a lot of work to do and there is a lot more to learn.Simply being around Peter with all his knowledge and passion towards Permaculture is a great experience.


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